The Search continues for a BMG Program Boat

The search continues to the Pacific Northwest for BMG office/ program sailing vessel...


...As in the search has become a quest. Never have I ever been picky about my sailing experience- Lil Breezy, BMG's first office and my home for 3 years, was perhaps the slowest boat in Monterey Bay. 'Unsailable' in winds less than 10 knots, overpowered in winds over 15, unable to stand up in the cabin, leaked like a sieve... she was the apple of my eye. I loved that damn boat enough to sell my car and sail her hundreds of miles , single-handed,  back and forth to medic shifts across Monterey Bay for a year. 

Selling her was downright emotional- I was like a parent trying to hold on. She sold in about 15 minutes to a close friend who valued her social perks and easy handling. I knew she had to go- 6'2, 33 years old, no intentions of moving on land- 27 feet just wasn't going to cut it anymore. I needed something that could get to Mexico and Hawaii safely, but most of all, could return. So I sold that little girl to look for another- but suddenly there I was standing in the parking lot, homeless, with my truck sans dock key.

Fast forward 4 months and find me still homeless, albeit happy, having spent weeks searching for the perfect craft now in 3 different states. There were several that surprisingly got away, but finally the Tartan 37. She was a gorgeous and capable boat,  but during final inspection everything unraveled. Water poured through the decks, engine issues, rot, propane leaks, fiberglass blisters, and a surveyor saying (after I had paid about a grand), "you're gonna want to walk away from this one". Sadly, I cut my losses and left.

The search continues, but it's likely moving back to California's coast. Although I'm living cliche to cliche now (time will tell, know when to fold em, what will be will be), I feel the angst of life on land and am ready to be sailing again full time. 


Search is over!