Goodbye Seattle- Off to Santa Cruz- S/V Lucia- 7-2014

Seattle to San Juans

Heading out of Seattle to the San Juan Islands was a mixture of pure bliss and uncertainty. Not only had this begun our 1,200 mile voyage to Santa Cruz, it was also on a boat that any of us hardly knew, through a coast that none of us had sailed. The ebb and floods of Puget Sound's various island chains made the passage exciting and technical. Protected anchorages, pine covered islands, green water, and favorable winds reminded us how truly amazing an opportunity this was.  Gratitude levels were extremely high, enough so that realizing that the stench in the cabin was only getting worse (?), didn't destroy our morale. What had happened was the first of many culprits- this one resulting in the form of 10 gallons of raw sewage sloshing around the bilge and bubbling from the holding tank.

While unpleasant, I reminded myself that it was a terrific opportunity to examine marine plumbing (and the health of my crew members) on intimate levels.