Student focused... experience based.

John Taussig

John Taussig, EMT-Paramedic

John's all over the place. He works as a paramedic on a medevac helicopter, Captain and sailor, and Executive Director for BMG. Not sure if he sleeps often. He's worked as an EMT and Paramedic for 16 years in Santa Cruz, Seattle, Jackson Hole, and Bozeman, MT in a variety of contexts- from the ambulance to ski patrol to helicopter. Having just sailed the Inside Passage on a kayak, he hopped his boat and is currently en route to Maine via the Panama Canal. John has degrees in Neuroscience and Biochemistry from Montana State University. 


Mike Wallace, MD

After growing up exploring the beautiful Northwest, it's not surprising Mike's path led him to Bozeman, MT where his real exploration of the backcountry began.  Pursuing a passion, his journey continued to medical school after two years of adventure traveling through the South Pacific and Europe.  Mike spent the next chunk of his life skiing the Wasatch and biking the Utah desert while training in Emergency and Wilderness Medicine.  He now works as a traveling ER physician currently located in Portlandia, OR and ski doc at Mt. Hood.

Kate Taussig

Kate Taussig, RN

As an OB/GYN Nurse in NYC, and Salt Lake City’s Regional Hospital, Kate’s an expert with anything pediatric or requiring imminent delivery. Having been busy racking up degrees at University of WA and NYU, Kate now works as an RN in Portland and serves as BMG Operations Manager.

Peter Robbert

Peter Robbert EMT-Paramedic

Peter should have been born in the Renaissance when a diversity of interests and skills were the norm.  If he is not traveling the world, he’s working on his fixer-upper home and property.  If he’s not finding some remote backroad or trail to cycle, he’s in his sea kayak.  If he’s not studying a new language, he’s working on his photography skills .  Peter has been in the fire service for 15 years and, in typical fashion, is a fire captain, paramedic, hazmat specialist, emergency management specialist, and every kind of rescue technician.  Peter started as a wildland firefighter and, with a degree in Landscape Architecture, can tell you the botanical name of what’s burning.

Matt Schollard.jpg

Matt Schollard EMT-Paramedic

Father, extreme athlete, Air Force para-rescue ranger, and all around hero- Matt has so much experience in military/ remote medicine that I'm willing to bet that there's nothing that he hasn't seen in the field. Such a wealth of knowledge. Matt's currently globe trotting as a contract medic for various remote medical support projects.

Brittany McMahon.jpg

Brittany McMahon, EMT-Paramedic

Humbolt beginnings... Growing up in the open spaces of Northern California, Brittany had access to everything outdoors- backpacking, climbing, adventuring, whatever. Fast forward past her collegiate rowing career to her professional life as a firefighter/ paramedic and educator in the Bay Area. 

Zach Foy MD

Zak Foy, MD

Possibly the most likable person in the world, Zak, too, did his residency at University of Utah to sample the fruits of available granite and ski lines. Now a proud father of a beautiful family, and home town hero, Zak works in the ER in his home town of Asheville, North Carolina.

Vijay Kairam.jpg

Vijay Kairam, MD

Vijay is an emergency medicine physician currently working in a rural ED in Rock Springs, WY. Born in New York, he was lured out West for medical school at the University of Colorado and residency at the University of Utah.  Convinced by the marketing propaganda about the "Greatest Snow on Earth" he now calls Salt Lake City his home base for adventures in backcountry skiing, mountain biking, fishing and general desert shenanigans.

Sean Andrasik.jpg

Sean Andrasik EMT-Paramedic

Sean Andrasik brings years of paramedic experience, including time spent working out of helicopters in the mountain west, ski resort urgent care and 911 ambulances covering urban areas. After spending time in the wide open spaces of New Mexico he truly knows the value of an epic adventure. Originally from the east coast, Sean has now made his home on the Westside of Santa Cruz. In addition to teaching for BMG he is an American Heart Association Instructor for BLS and ACLS, a IMBA certified mountain bike instructor, anda professional mountain biking guide.

Nick Krol.jpeg

Nick Kroll MD

Having been raised in Idaho where birthdays and holidays were spent exploring backcountry rivers and mountains, it was a natural transition to the mountains and deserts of Utah where Nicholas spent time first in college, and later in medical school, guiding and doing wilderness medical education. Nick brings years of experience and a continued dedication to education. He is currently in residency at UCSF Fresno where his work developing and revising Parkmedic and Paramedic NPS guidelines continues to advance the field of wilderness medicine. His areas of continued academic pursuit and interest are high altitude medicine and hypothermia physiology. 

Chris and Kai.jpg

Chris Melville EMT-B

Chris’s passion is Search and Rescue.  He is a certified K9 Handler and Trainer with Monterey Bay Search Dogs, a coordinator for the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s SAR team, and a ground-pounder for the Monterey County Sheriff’s SAR team.  Chris has participated in hundreds of SAR operations and holds certifications as a Rope Rescue Technician II, Swiftwater Rescue Technician/Advanced, SARTECH II and K9 SARTECH II.  When he isn't working with his two search dogs he loves to work with people too, and is a certified Instructor and Lead Evaluator for the National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR).  

Coryn Nicolls.jpg

Coryn Nicholls PA

Physicians Assistant, Divemaster, world traveler, surfer, photographer, and talented, experienced educator. Coryn has spent the last several years working in the ER at various hospitals in San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Oakland, when not travelling around the world on a whim.

Aaron Lanes 2.jpg

Aaron Lanes PA

A PA of many capacities, Aaron is the most interesting man in the world. Pro soccer player, turned surfer, turned professional mandolin player and musician. Aaron works in orthopedics 'pretty much' full time, just enough to prepare for the next trip with his bluegrass band the NeckBeard Boys, or simply to go climb.

Matt Hart EMT-B

Growing up in the foothills of northern California, Matt grew up kayaking, snowboarding, and generally enjoying the mountains. Wilderness medicine blends his two passions of being in nature and practicing medicine.  Working for EMS the last 6 years, he is currently finishing his undergraduate degree in integrative physiology and neurobiology at NC state university in Raleigh, NC.


Lil' Breezy

BMG's original home and office, Breezy was an absolute dime of a boat. This beautiful 27 foot babe, epitomized the BMG spirit- she traveled further, handled bigger swell, shouldered stronger winds, and hosted more smiling faces than anyone thought she could. Most of BMG's program development has been done at anchor in her modest cabin. This picture shows Breezy, 30 miles downwind, delivering the instructors and equipment (via dingy) safely to another Wilderness First Aid course.



The newest BMG office. She is as strong as an ox, completing not one, not two, but three circumnavigations in her past life. New to the BMG family, this lady is our kickoff vessel for the Maritime Medicine program and charter/ fundraising vessel.