Boat Prep

Last Minute Prep

3 days to get ready or bust. I was gone teaching Wilderness Med courses in Ecuador and Belize for the entire month of July leading up to the beginning of the trip. Nothing about the jungle felt further away from kayaking in the northwest. As I sweated and graded papers for a month, my rowing calluses peeled off as my hands and transformed back into a nice, delicate,  office style digits. Things were going to need to change.

Realizing the imminence of the trip, I created a project list on my last flight home - writing down ‘mandatory to do’s” and taking inventory of time and resources. 3 hours later I sat there staring at the list- overwhelmed, panicky, scattered. 

Making the Outriggers

I really wanted outriggers for stability on the kayak, particularly when sailing. However, they resembled a big and daunting project (i.e. no clue where to start) and were first to get mentally triaged from the exponentially growing list.… no time, no outriggers for me, done, over, no materials, no time, moving on, sadness. 

“Let’s stop at the garage sale, aye”? I mentioned.

An undeniable vision occurred staring at their pile of junk, and 2 broken surfboards, a toddler camping cot, and $11.00  later, I had materials for outriggers.

I cut the boards in strips, glued, shaped, and fiberglassed them into their newly shaped, buoyant destiny. I cut the cot legs down, drilled a few holes and mounted them on the cabin top of the Klepper in full blown marathon fiberglass sanding project mode. Huge effort all around. While they are 1) different and 2) rough, their functionality (so far) has proven its worth beyond imagination- faster sailing, ability to stand, stretch, etc.

Add to that, about 1000 projects that I would love to spend a week on- custom rainfly/ spray skirt sewing project, navigation, supplies, provisions, sail repairs, mounting seat, etc. Each 'to do' was allocated a mere 3 hour block- Needless to say, enlisting help from friends and family was the only possible way to see this to fruition. Big thanks for those who were part of it.