Leg 3 Desolation Sound and Johnstone Strait

I can't really describe what has happened in the last few days, the experience rich, albeit, at times a little uncomfortable. In short, as it is 1200 am and I have an early morning, I have been victim to some of the closest orca encounters that I every wish to (arms distance middle of a huge pack, the group "playing" with me speeding at me diving under, making eye contact at arms reach), highest winds and speeds on the sailing kayak (over 10 knots surfing down waves hiked off THE BACK of the kayak), coldest (see persistent rain and wind with a swamped boat on a half a dozen occasions bailing gallons upon gallons out of it, everything soaked), generosity (friends from Nanaimo driving 3 hours to deliver something I left behind, made it to Port Mcnall with torn sails and rudder- 2 families sewing me back together and fixing everything at 10 pm), coldest (soaked boat tent, bag, clothes, electronics), luckiest (all you can eat fresh caught Salmon dinner and pie from picked blackberries, multiple nights on various yachts), solitary, intense, and grateful moments. So speechless that my mind is wondering what to think- this is a wild trip.

Going to bed, but happy, comfortable, warm, and stitched up ready to harvest the last of the southeasterlies by sail and trend around Cape Caution onto Central BC. Wow. 

More on these last few days later. I love Canada.