BELLINGHAM, WASHINGTON  Nestled in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, 30 miles from the Canadian border, this special place has recreation in all directions. Literally, you can stand in one place and spin around in a circle- North Cascades National Park to one side, San Juan Islands to another, world class mountain biking over there, world class skiing up there. The town's abundant recreation, maritime culture, and laid back atmosphere are central to the Bellingham lifestyle.

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TIMES: 9:00AM- 5:30PM each day

DESCRIPTION: For starters, this is a solid step up for the 'toolbox' from a basic medical course. Good times await. The Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course is for outdoor professionals and enthusiasts ages 14+. This class is active and practical - participants will learn fundamental wilderness medicine and prevention, while developing important judgment skills for outdoor emergencies. In addition to common medical and traumatic emergencies, the WFA course expands on environmental topics including: Heat/ Cold Emergencies, Dive/ Drownings, Animal Bites and Stings, Poisons, Water Sanitation, Adverse Weather, Search and Rescue basics, and more. 

CERTIFICATIONS: Backcountry Medical Guides' Wilderness First Aid and American Heart Association's Heartsaver CPR and AED, both valid for 2 years.

 **Wilderness First Responder (WFR) re-certification (additional e-labs and practical apply).**