Wilderness First Aid- Mountain Bike Series
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You can go mountain biking and earn your Wilderness First Aid (WFA) certification with CPR or Wilderness First Responder (WFR) re-certification (additional e-labs and practical apply). This fast paced, two and a half day, (20 hour) course is for mountain biking professionals and enthusiasts ages 14+. This class is active and practical - participants will learn fundamental wilderness medicine and prevention, while developing important judgment skills for outdoor emergencies. Additionally, we review emergency bike repairs, sports nutrition and hydration. This backcountry series covers all the WFA curriculum, emphasizing on situations particular to mountain biking emergencies.


Our goal is to teach a WFA course while doing to the sport you love. This course is designed to make you feel confident in your ability and empowered by your skills. Our BMG WFA curriculum satisfies the Wilderness Medical Society’s published recommendations for Wilderness First Aid. The CPR portion of this class is Heartsaver CPR and AED accredited through the American Heart Association. Both certifications are valid for 2 years. While riding we observe the IMBA rules of the trail and practice proper trail etiquette.


We begin Friday evenings with introductions, getting to know you and your bike. We will share the best tricks to keep your bike and body rolling when you are far out on the trail. Saturday we cover CPR, traumatic injuries and backcountry rescue. Sunday, you will learn about medical emergencies and sports nutrition. To wrap it all up, you put your skills to the test before receiving your WFA certification. 

This is an experience based course, you will learn each of the skills by doing them. Half of each day you will practicing your new skills on the best single track trails, in live practical scenarios. The remainder of time is spent off the trail honing in on the course material. In addition to common medical and traumatic emergencies, the WFA course expands on environmental topics including: Heat/ Cold Emergencies, Animal Bites and Stings, Poisons, Water Sanitation, Adverse Weather, Search and Rescue Basics, and more.


Participants in this Mountain Bike WFA should have and bring their: mountain bike, helmet, gloves water, snacks, and enthusiasm for riding. Riders should be able to negotiate easy and moderate terrain on their bikes, don’t worry we won’t leave anyone behind. 

WFR re-certification students should bring their past WFR certification with them, and recommend that you review and study for the course prior to participation (don't worry, we'll show you the way...). In order to re-certify, you must pass the standard WFR Final Exam, on the final day of the re-certification course.