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Big Sur: December 16-23, 2017




The Wilderness First Responder (WFR) program is an intensive 80 hour course, often considered the standard for expedition leaders, guides, outdoor professionals, and backcountry enthusiasts. This course is taught and proctored on the beautiful Big Sur coastline in an accelerated 9-day format. Participants earn a BLS CPR certificate issued by the American Heart Association (AHA) and a Wilderness First Responder certificate issued by Backcountry Medical Guides, both valid for 2 years.


This special course promises the true Big Sur experience. Spend the the week at various sites in the superlative Big Creek Reserve- an absolutely exceptional venue of hiking and backpacking trails, pristine beaches, hot springs, backcountry classrooms, and cabins. In every way, this is the perfect venue.

Students will practice solid emergency medical skills and explore the details of wilderness and rescue medicine. Topics include heat/ cold emergencies, altitude, search and rescue, marine/ diving, travel medicine, evacuation, improvisation, and more. Focus will be placed on sound judgment, decision making, and prevention.

Our WFR curriculum satisfies the Wilderness Medical Society’s published recommendations for Wilderness First Responder, and is recognized internationally. The CPR portion of this class is Basic Life Support (Professional Rescuer), accredited through the American Heart Association. 


This course DEPENDS on each team member to be in good shape and abide by all required criteria. For our trip, participants should be able to hike up to 10 miles with a 50+ pound backpack on, through steep terrain. Actual mileage per day ranges from 2-5 miles per day (some of which maybe carrying a litter). BMG reserves the right to refuse or terminate course participation to any member not deemed fit by staff, at any time, during trip.


Economically priced foods are (at least) 45 minutes away. You must bring food to this stretch of coast. Two options exist:

  1. Group Food Program. We save money when we share the order! This is the program of choice. $125 keeps us eating deliciously for the week. Special orders and meal ideas are encouraged. Exceptional value.
  2. Supply your own. Refrigeration and cookware supplied.



Course Price:
$795.00 includes WFR certification, AHA Basic Life Support CPR certification, 8 nights camping and lodging in backcountry cabins. Additional $125.00 optional food package (9 days)