Broadreach Recap (Video)

“In Liberia, West Africa there was a car accident that involved a rolled truck with 15 local kids in the back of the pick up and everyone was injured, some were critical. Using the skills I learned in Backcountry Medical Guides Wilderness First Responder program, a friend and I were able to help safely assess the scene, evaluate the severity of patient’s conditions, take proper precaution to protect potential c-spine injuries, stop bleeding of life threatening injuries, and rush the most critical patients to the hospital four hours away. I would not have been able to help without my WFR training.”

— Sean Brody- Surf Resource Network Liberia/California

“Broadreach has been partnering with Backcountry Medical Guides for several years. The first year, we brought BMG staff to North Carolina to host an in service training for our full time office staff. It’s incredibly important to us that our full time staff are all Wilderness First Responders to help answer questions to our clients, our staff in the field, and much more. Since that first class, which was such a success, we’ve gone on to partner in offering Wilderness First Responder certifications to all of our seasonal staff, which number in the 100+ each summer. Backcountry Medical Guides has been so responsive to our needs, flying around the world to teach classes and being incredibly flexible with their teaching space and methods. We, as an organization who cares deeply about the quality of our trainings, couldn’t be luckier to have forged our partnership with Backcountry Medical Guides. They hit the mark on professionalism, fun, quality of teaching, and accessibility. ”

— Kate Farthing, Broadreach Program Director

John Taussig