Maritime Medicine - Custom 1-Day CPR / First Aid for the Mariner

Maritime Medicine - Custom 1-Day CPR / First Aid for the Mariner


Custom locations and dates available.

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Our goal is pretty simple: to deliver the highest quality and most relevant medical training possible for mariners. Our 1-Day CPR / First Aid custom courses are designed to train captains and crew essential emergency medical skills necessary for helping victims when a hospital is not an option. They are created for mariners, by mariners and emphasize life saving skills, preparation, and maritime emergencies that are not commonly taught in standard first aid courses. These include drowning/ immersion, hypothermia, and preventative boating tactics. 

This course satisfies the US Coast Guard (46 CFR 10, Subpart C) regulations as outlined in NVIC 5-95 for First Aid course approval as well as the World Sailing Offshore Special Regulation (OSR 6.05) Medical Training requirements for CPR and First Aid Certifications.

We have partnered with yacht clubs, junior programs, charter crews, race teams, commercial fishers and nonprofits to design courses that meet their individual needs. Please inquire here to set up a training for your crew. Minimum group size of 8.


  • Assess and treat life threats: CPR AED, airway management, rescue breathing, bleeding control, and stabilization.

  • Learn common trauma techniques, and the assessment of medical and environmental emergencies at sea.


Please let us know your ideal location! 


Upon completing this course, you will receive your Heartsaver CPR and First Aid certifications. 

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