BELLINGHAM, WASHINGTON:  Nestled in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, 30 miles south from the Canadian border, this special place has recreation in all directions. Literally, you can stand in one place and spin around in a circle- North Cascades National Park to one side, San Juan Islands to another, world class mountain biking over there, world class skiing up there. The town's abundant recreation, maritime culture, and laid back atmosphere create the Bellingham lifestyle.


TRAVEL: The nearest airport is located right in Bellingham (BLI), although Seattle International Airport (SEA) is about 1.5 hours to the south. If you do fly into Seattle, hop on I-5 northbound for 90 miles and you've made it to Bellingham. If you continue on another 30 minutes you have gone to far and may hit the border going into British Columbia.

ACCOMMODATIONS: This course is held at Larrabee State park located off of Chuckanut drive. There are lots of different accommodation options available throughout the Bellingham area. The closest would be to camp at Larrabee state park . Airbnb, hotels, and motels are-a-plenty. BMG program vessel, Lucia, is available as a weekly rental as well. Contact BMG for details.

WASTE: BMG is a certified green business and we like to pull out all the stops and try to reduce out impact to next to nothing. Everything recycled and/or composted, with a tiny waste bag for plastic wrapping and garbage.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: This course DEPENDS on each team member to be in good shape and abide by all required criteria. Actual mileage per day may range from 2-5 miles per day, however, some of which may be assisting rescue litter carries. Each participant is required to disclose any pertinent medical history and medications taken prior to course on our Medical/ History questionnaire. All medical information is reviewed by course instructors and is strictly confidential. Questions regarding physical fitness? Call or email BMG’s office to speak with our Program Director.

CLOTHING AND OTHER EQUIPMENT: The temperatures for this area can range wildly from the 30’s-60’s at night and 40- 80’s during the day. At BMG, we love all of nature’s weather patterns, and thus, the course is guaranteed to be held rain or shine. Participants should bring rain gear and warmer layers (down or insulated jackets) to prepare for cold and/or precipitation. Hats and sunscreen are recommended for sun protection. 

NEARBY ACTIVITIES Hiking is the most popular in Bellingham. A search of "Oyster Dome” located off of Chuckanut drive closest to the course location in Bellingham will get you started. Make sure to check out trails along the Mt. Baker highway such as Yellow Auster Butte & Skyline Divide. These trails offer walking amongst giant old growth evergreen trees and lead into the alpine of the North Cascades. On a clear day you will start to see breath taking views of Mt. Baker and Mt. Shucksan.