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September 15-21, 2019

The San Juan Archipelago consists of over 100 named islands sandwiched between the Straight of Juan de Fuca and the Straight of Georgia. This gorgeous cluster also boasts some of the most well protected, public marine reserves and trails in the country. With an abundance of unspoiled nooks and coves, charming coastal towns, and rich history, this Maritime WFR has almost limitless itineraries depending on the wind direction and tide profile.


First of its kind, this trip is onboard the mighty Lucia. This course will include a seven day trip sailing in the San Juan Islands.

Our WFR curriculum satisfies the Wilderness Medical Society’s published recommendations for Wilderness First Responder curriculum, is certified by our Medical Advisory Board, and is recognized internationally. It is recommended that participants keep course records for future reciprocity and WFR renewal.

That said, this class is not for everyone. This is not an internet course. Boating will be limited to 4-5 hours per day, but can be rough at times. Members should be of good physical fitness and should be prepared to spend a majority of time together outdoors, rain or shine.


S/V Lucia is a 1977 Alajuela 38 that has traveled safely all over the world- doing 10,000 miles last year alone. She’s stable and strong, has tons of character, and a few toys (double kayak, snorkels, rowing and sailing dinghy).


John Taussig will be the lead instructor for the course. He's spent more than 15 years as a paramedic in various capacities: helicopter, ski patrol, National Park ranger medic, ambulance attendant, search and rescue, etc. He's a licensed 50 ton Master Mariner and will serve as the Captain for the boating portion of the trip as well.


2 options exist: 

  1. Group Food Program. We save money when we share the order. Feel free to participate. $125 is usually all that keeps us eating deliciously for the entire week. 

  2. Supply your own. Refrigeration and cookware supplied.


BMG is a certified green business. FOR THIS COURSE, we pull out all the stops and try to reduce our impact to next to nothing. This will be a collaborative effort. Details to follow.


This course DEPENDS on each team member to be in good shape and abide by all required criteria. For our trip, participants should be able to hike up to 4 miles, comfortably, with a 40+ pound backpack on through steep and variable terrain. During our time on land, actual mileage per day may range from 2-4 miles per day, however, some of which may be assisting rescue litter carries. Each participant is required to disclose any pertinent medical history and medications taken prior to the course on our Medical/ History questionnaire. All medical information is reviewed by course instructors and is strictly confidential. Questions regarding physical fitness? Call or email BMG’s office to speak with our Program Director.


The temperatures for this area can range wildly from the 30’s-50’s at night and 40- 80’s during the day. At BMG, we love all of Nature’s weather patterns, and thus, the course is guaranteed to be held rain or shine. Participants should bring rain gear and warmer layers (synthetic layers recommended for the marine environment) to prepare for cold and/or precipitation. Hats and sunscreen are recommended for sun protection. A full packing list will be provided.

Additionally, participants will need to furnish an overnight pack including sleeping pad, sleeping bag, and tent. Please contact BMG if you need to borrow or supplement any of equipment. Comfortable, well-fitting shoes that have been WORN IN THE PAST are a must. 


Our sail through the islands will be dependent on weather and tide profiles at time of departure. Here is an example of what our itinerary may look like:

Day 1: Depart from Squalicum Harbor in Bellingham, WA and sail to Sucia Island.

Day 2: Spend the day learning on Sucia Island, stay an additional night.

Day 3: Set course for Jones Island in the morning, a few hours sail away. We’ll arrive in the afternoon and continue learning material.

Day 4: Wake up on Jones Island, getting to work on learning and exploring the island.

Day 5: Depart from Jones and sail for Spencer Spit State Park

Day 6: Quick sail from Spencer Spit to James Island where we’ll stay for the night.

Day 7: Return to Bellingham


Interested in the San Juan Island WFR? Drop us a quick note so that we can have a Director contact you about details for the program.