In this class, you’ll take an incredible 7 day odyssey at Big Sur’s Big Creek Reserve. The journey explores some of California’s most impressive terrain through coastal mountains, beaches, hot springs, waterfalls, and redwood groves. The experience is led by our expert guides/ local paramedics, EMT’s, RN’s, and PA’s.

BIG SUR, CALIFORNIA Spanning California's Central Coast for approximately 90 miles, the region of "Big Sur" is undoubtedly one of the most scenic and rugged coastal mountain ranges in the entire world. This remote stretch of coastal terrain offers stunning views of cliffs dropping abruptly into the Pacific Ocean, huge stands of old growth redwoods, unspoiled beaches, and outrageous wildlife viewing.  


TRAVEL: The nearest airport is located in Monterey, although San Jose International (SJC) is about 1.5 hours to the north. Hop Highway 1 southbound and 26 miles south of Monterey, you've made it to the town of Big Sur. Continue on another 30 minutes, past the Esalen Institute, and you’ve entered the South Coast of Big Sur. This is where time slows, nature rules, and life becomes more simple. Enjoy.

ACCOMMODATIONS: This course is held at a series of different resources within Big Creek Reserve- Cabin accommodations, camp sites, and backpacking permits are all included in the tuition price.

COOKING: We’ll have a double burner stove, camping pots, and other cookware. Please bring a plate, bowl, coffee cup, water bottle, and utensils. The later half of the course utilizes a fully stocked kitchen, with an oven and refrigeration.

 FOOD: 2 options exist: 

  1. Group Food Program. We save money when we share the order. Feel free to participate. $115.00 is all that keeps us eating deliciously for the entire week. 

  2. Supply your own. Refrigeration and cookware supplied.

WASTE: BMG is a Monterey Bay Certified Green Business. For this course, we like to pull out all the stops and try to reduce out impact to next to nothing. Everything recycled and/or composted, with a tiny waste bag for plastic wrapping and garbage.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: This course DEPENDS on each team member to be in good shape and abide by all required criteria. For our trip, participants should be able to hike up to 5 miles, comfortably, with a 40+ pound backpack on through steep and variable terrain. Actual mileage per day may range from 2-5 miles per day, however, some of which may be assisting rescue litter carries. Each participant is required to disclose any pertinent medical history and medications taken prior to course on our Medical/ History questionnaire. All medical information is reviewed by course instructors and is strictly confidential. Questions regarding physical fitness? Call or email BMG’s office to speak with our Program Director.

CLOTHING AND OTHER EQUIPMENT: The temperatures for this area can range wildly from the 30’s-60’s at night and 50- 90’s during the day. At BMG, we love all of Nature’s weather patterns, and thus, the course is guaranteed to be held rain or shine. Participants should bring rain gear and warmer layers (down or insulated jackets) to prepare for cold and/or precipitation. Hats and sunscreen are recommended for sun protection. 

Additionally, participants will need to furnish an overnight pack including sleeping pad, sleeping bag, and tent for an overnight portion. Please contact BMG if you need to borrow or supplement any of equipment. Comfortable, well-fitting shoes that have been WORN IN THE PAST are a must. 

REQUIRED GEAR LIST: * BMG can help supplement gear upon request. Please call or email in advance.

-WELL FITTING and WORN SHOES and/or Boots  (must be close toed for certain portions of the trip)

-Overnight Backpack -Sleeping Pad -Sleeping Bag (40 degrees or less) 

-Headlamp (w/ extra batteries)

-Medications (if applicable) 


-Warm Insulating Jacket (think WINTER) 

-Rain Shell/ Pants 

-Hiking Pants 

-Long sleeve shirts 

-Long underwear 

-Extra Socks 


-Plate/ Bowl/ Cup / Coffee Cup

-Fork/ Spoon/ Knife (plastic)

NEARBY ACTIVITIES Hiking is the most popular pastime in Big Sur. A search of "The Bluff Trail" at Andrew Molera, "Vicente Flat" on the South Coast, or "Buzzards Roost" in Big Sur will get started. Make sure to visit Julia Pfieffer State Park to visit the waterfall. Our favorite beaches include Garrapata State Park, Sand Dollar Beach, and Pfieffer Beach. Surfing is popular in nearby Santa Cruz and Monterey, with lessons available to novices. There is a high probability for swell and excellent conditions in both Spring and Fall. On Monterey Bay, sailing lessons and day charters are available through Backcountry Medical Guides both before, and after the course.