Whether you are a skier, climber, hiker, or just enjoy being outside, our expert faculty will guide you through live scenarios and the tips and tricks to be truly prepared for adventure.


Wilderness First Responder

If you're an adventurer, explorer, guide, climber, surfer, mountaineer, sailor... whoever you are... if you like to go deep into remote places, this course is for you. This 80 hour course is considered the standard for industry professionals and outdoor enthusiast, and is recognized internationally.

Wilderness First Responder-Refresher

The Wilderness First Responder-Refresher (WFR-R) program is a hybrid 24 hour recertification course. It is considered a standard for renewing expedition leaders, guides, outdoor professionals, and backcountry enthusiasts.

First Aid, CPR, Compass Navigation

Are you in need of a First-Aid / CPR class for your job and looking for a fun way to do it? Don’t sit in a classroom all-day. Spend the day outside with BMG and get that certification while learning valuable backcountry skills like compass orienteering/navigation and practicing live scenarios.

Wilderness First Aid

The Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course is for outdoor professionals and enthusiasts ages 14+. This class is active and practical; participants will learn fundamental wilderness medicine and prevention, while developing important judgment skills for outdoor emergencies.

Advanced Wilderness Life Support

Whether you're an MD, PA, RN, EMT, or Paramedic- this course is valuable to help take your practice out of the clinic and into the backcountry. With 20.5 hours of Category 1 CME attached to the curriculum, you will not only be certified in wilderness medicine, but will have a jump towards Re-certifying in your respective practice.